Reset a Joomla Super Admin Password.

Can't remember the super admin password and the regular password reset method from the frontend isn't working? Then the solution is here, but before you proceed any further you must have an access to your Joomla! website's database.

Joomla! passwords are stored in the MySQL database in the table called jos_users with a field called password.

To access the database direct you either need console access to the server to run command line mysql functions or use a third party management tool like PhpMyAdmin.

Once you have access to the database then to change the password you need to run the following query. Not that Joomla! CMS use MD5 to store passwords so the query must either use the MD5 function or already be MD5 encoded.

UPDATE 'jos_users' SET 'password' = MD5( 'new password' ) WHERE 'jos_users'.'username' = "Administrator";

Once the query is run you should be able to login to your Joomla website using the new admin details.